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Henn Rebane
  Henn Rebane
free-lance musician and lector
Estonia / Tallinn
E-mail: hennreb@hotmail.com
Mobile: +372 56638885


2014 CD   “Concert in Winter Garden Hall of the theatre ESTONIA“

18 pieces. Live recording on 19 Oct. 2013 during the concert of “Kolm Krooni“.  Voice and mandolin Jaan Arder, accordion Henn Rebane, cello Vambo Pikknurm.
Dedicated to the memory of Jaan Arder.

2011 CD “Dances With Accordion”

(Henn Rebane: 21 pieces for solo accordion).

The idea was to write easily memorable melodies enriched by exiting harmonies and rhytms.

2010 CD “The legend of Raimond Valgre”

(Henn Rebane - accordion, arrangements, Tõnu Raadik - violin ( 1, 4, 7, 10, 15 ), recording)

Raimond Valgre (1913-1949) is an Estonian musician and composer whose elegant, soft melodies did not at all suit bitter years WW II nor Soviet mentaly but have become legendary only after his short and turbulent lifetime.

2006 CD   “Enchanted Night“

Karl Kikas, legend of Estonian diatonic button accordion.
Recorded by Henn Rebane already in 1977 at the home of Karl Kikas.

2005 CD "Children’s Album For Accordion”

( H. Rebane: 34 pieces for solo accordion, belongs with the note book "Children’s Album For Accordion.).
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2004 CD "Päikeselaik”

(compositions of Henn Rebane, accordion and Tõnu Raadik, violin).
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2004 CD "Akordionialbum”

(H. Rebane 25 pieces for solo accordion, belongs with the note book ”Accordion Album”).
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2003 CD "Eesti Asi”

(Improvisations based on old transcriptions of Estonian folk songs and tunes.).
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2001 CD "Estonian Folk Music For Accordion”

(H. Rebane: 5 pieces for solo accordion, belongs with the note book.)
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2001 CD "Veskimees”

(Recordings from 1980’s.)
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2000 CD "Arabesk”

(Free bass pianoaccordion. Classical arrangements and original music composed for accordion.)
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1998 CD "Virvatuled”

(Evergreen pieces and compositions of T. Raadik and H. Rebane.)
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1989 LP Henn Rebane "Musette”

  © Melodia  C90 28863 004 (french "musette”)
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1986 LP Henn Rebane

  © Melodia C30 23411 002  (variety of evergreen pieces)
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