On the Highway

Henn Rebane, accordion, diatonic button accordion
Neeme Ots, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn
Tiia Tenno, organ
Mikk Rebane, 12 str guitar

On the Freeway: This music was born in one go, on the freeway where we race through our lives
Ballet etude: It’s wonderful how Neeme captures the technical pirouettes and deep emotions of a graceful ballerina with a silvery trumpet sound so convincingly and beautiful to listen to
Escape: A moment from one of my cinematic dreams
Expected Meeting (Expetata conventum): A 3-part suite for a trumpet, accordion and organ
_Ave Maria: I am particularly pleased with this recording
_Flight (Volare): This music flies us over the domed landscape of Southern Estonia _Pastoral dance (Pastoralia choream): A free and temperamental trot
Minuet: The piccolo trumpet and accordion invite you to enjoy the distant times
Snowy evening: A horse-drawn sleigh rushes past the village church
Blue space: Influenced by the distant golden age of accordion players in Paris
Regi is going: Actually, reggae is going
Omo Morto: A milonga or tango instead
Summer reminder: What you still await
White Rabbit: An old Setu song theme with trumpet and Estonian accordion, possessing primal power and life
The Miller: My decades-old song, with a 12-string guitar, flugelhorn, trumpet, organ and accordion  Henn Rebane

In 2020, when I met Henn Rebane, he suggested an exciting idea: playing his new work “Expected Meeting” (Expetata conventum) on an accordion, a trumpet and an organ. Interestingly, we only managed to perform the original composition during the trial period of the author's record and during the recording in the summer of 2023, when organist Tiia Tenno joined us. Somehow, this initial idea of Henn’s grew into a highly fruitful collaboration as a duet, leading us to perform in concert halls, churches and community centres all over Estonia, as well as at several festivals in Latvia and Lithuania. Henn is primarily known as a brilliant accordionist, but I was equally impressed by his compositions. During our four-year collaboration, Henn composed all the duets and trios featured on this record. Melody, improvisational freedom and surprising technical nuances play an important role in his compositions, which were a pleasure to record on three rather special-sounding instruments: the trumpet, the piccolo trumpet and the flugelhorn. Neeme Ots